A large spiral galaxy, tilted 45 degrees in the frame, with a bright center, yellow and blue spiral arms with darker dust clouds around, and a small satellite galaxy below.

The Great Galaxy in Andromeda. 26x60s, Canon 6D Mark II, Orion ED80, 0.85 focal reducer. AstroBin

Session Exposure Gain Offset Frames Integration time
2023-01-09 60s ISO 1600 26 26m
Total 26 26m
Orion ED80 f/7.5 APO Refractor w/ 0.85 reducer/flattener
Orion SkyView Pro w/ SynScan 3 German Equatorial Mount
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Orion StarShoot Autoguider
Backyard EOS, PHD2 Guiding, SkySafari Pro, AstroPixelProcessor, Topaz Photo AI, Capture One