A large emission nebula, roughly in the shape of a pelican, that sits beside the North America nebula in the constellation Cygnus.

I’ve captured the Pelican Nebula as part of a larger wide-field of Cynus, but I haven’t really gotten it on its own. Truth be told, this is part of a larger effort to create a panoramic-ratio of the Pelican nebula and the North American nebula, so this is half of that eventual image.

Session Exposure Gain Offset Frames Integration time
2023-08-19 60s 56 25 70 1h 10m
Astro-Tech AT115EDT 115mm f/7 ED Triplet Refractor w/ 0.8x Reducer/Flattener
Losmandy GM-8 German Equatorial Mount, Gemini 2, Losmandy FLW Tripod
QHY 268C
Optolong UV / IR Cut Filter
Orion StarShoot Autoguider
ZWO EAF Electronic Automatic Focuser, iOptron iPolar
N.I.N.A., PHD2 Guiding, SkySafari Pro, AstroPixelProcessor, Capture One