A comet in the center of the frame, surrounded by a starfield, with its tail spreading out and trailing to the upper right corner.

So, here’s the comet. I don’t usually do comets, but I was in the neighborhood (Orion-ish) and thought, why not.

Well, why not is that I don’t know how to track comets, and didn’t even think about it, and used my regular imaging routine while I was in that headspace, and now the comet has two cores.

But this is the comet, both of it.

Astro-Tech AT115EDT 115mm f/7 ED Triplet Refractor w/ 0.8x Reducer/Flattener
Orion SkyView Pro w/ SynScan 3 German Equatorial Mount
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Orion StarShoot Autoguider
BackyardEOS, PHD2 Guiding, SkySafari Pro, Siril