Will Barton

My Slow Motion Messier Marathon continues more slowly than I anticipated. But since the last update I have two new photos:

  • M33, The Triangulum Galaxy, taken on November 15, 2014. I like this image (in fact, I think it’s my favorite that I’ve taken of a galaxy).
  • M45, The Pleiades, taken on March 19, 2015. I’ve wanted to capture the Pleiades for a while now, and finally had the opportunity. I didn’t get as many exposures as I’d like to have because they sank below the very high tree-line I have to the west, but that’s okay. I like this one.

Here is the full list of Messier objects I’ve captured so far. These are all, with the exception of M57, taken with the same telescope, an Orion ED80, with a focal length of 600mm, giving a field of view of approximately 4º or 240 arcminutes. This means that these images should give an idea of the relative sizes of these objects in the sky.

I’ll include this table in future updates:

The full table (including all the missing objects) is also available on my Messier page.