These are some of the apps and open source code I’ve written or been involved in lately. Some of my personal projects are available on GitHub.

I currently serve on the board of the Organization for Ethical Source and contributed to the Ethical Source Principles. I am also a member of the Django Software Foundation and the Python Software Foundation.

I was a Wagtail core team member from 2017 to 2020, and still contribute to the Wagtail Content Management System. I helped organize Wagtail Space US 2018 and 2019, did the photography, and helped with video editing. I gave a talk at Wagtail Space 2019 on feature flags.

Many years ago, I was a developer of DarwinPorts (now MacPorts), a set of tools for installing and maintaining open source software packages on MacOS.

Django and Wagtail Projects

I’ve created or helped maintain the following libraries for Django and Wagtail:

  • Django-Flags is a feature flag library for Django.
  • Wagtail-Flags is a Wagtail UI for the Django-Flags library.
  • wagtail-inventory is a Wagtail report for finding pages by the StreamFields they contain.
  • wagtail-sharing is a Wagtail library to enable sharing of drafts on a separate domain.
  • Wagtail-TreeModelAdmin is an extension of the Wagtail ModelAdmin that provides a tree-like UI for parent-child model relations.

CFPB Projects

I currently work for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. There I’ve created or contributed to the following projects:

As a CFPB employee, I’ve also contributed to the following projects:

  • is the CFPB’s Django and Wagtail-powered website,
  • Regdown is a Python-Markdown extension for regulation text.
  • eRegulations was a web application that makes regulations easier to find, read and understand. It was composed of several different components, one of which was a parser that parses the natural language of regulation text to create a tree structure.

I contributed to the Obama Administration’s policy for the use and creation of open source software by the United States Government.

Plaintext Social Science

I strongle believe in sharing reserarch and writing in the most open and accessible ways possible. To that end I have some tools I’ve created to help with the process.

  • extract_bib is a small utility that uses BibTool to extract only the works cited in a Pandoc Markdown file from a BibTeX file.

Personal Projects

There are a number of projects I’ve been working on sporadically over the past several years related to observational amateur astronomy.